Mazda3がKelley Blue Bookにおいて「Coolest Car Under $18,000」に選ばれる

Mazda3が、Kelley Blue Bookで「$18,000以下で買えるクールな新車10台」を発表、Mazda3がNo.1に選ばれています。


Both Mazda and Kelly Blue Book realize that “coolest” is both vague and subjective, so KBB has devised a few different criteria based on driving pleasure, aesthetics, ownership experience, and safety. The Mazda3 seems to hit all of those marks, and Mazda attributes its win to the car’s lively balance of power and handling, quality interior, and handsome looks.



Mazda 3 Named ‘Coolest Car Under $18,000’ by Kelly Blue Book – The Drive