[IAA 2015]これが「マツダ 越KOERU」だ!画像がいち早く公開されちゃいました(更新)


マツダ 越


  • 全長:4,600mm
  • 全幅:1,900mm
  • 全高:1,500mm
  • ホイールベース:2,700mm



Look to the dimensions: at 4.6-metres long, 1.9m wide and 1.5m high, the Koeru is 60mm longer and wider than a CX-5, and about 200mm lower. The two share a 2700m wheelbase.

This means, dimensionally, the Koeru sits about mid-way between the CX-5 and the old CX-7 medium SUV in terms of length. The CX-7 was always an ‘in-betweener’ with sportier-than-average lines.

Finally, Mazda is leveraging its SkyActiv platforms to reduce model cycles, and has flagged launching a re-skinned CX-5 in 2017, just five years after the first one launched. With this in mind, the Koeru surely gives us some hints as to what that car will look like, albeit with typically exaggerated concept styling.

Mazda Koeru crossover concept revealed