Mazda3(アクセラ)、今度は「Best Family Cars of 2015」に選ばれる!


Mazda3(アクセラ)が、Parents MagazineとEdmunds.comによる「Best Family Cars of 2015」に選ばれています。

いくつか部門がある中で「Best Budget Cars」にホンダ フィットと並んで選ばれています。


  • Starts at $17,765
  • MPG 34 city/41 highway
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 2015 Top Safety Pick +
  • 5 passenger capacity
  • 2 car-seat capacity



  • Best High-Mileage Car:Volkswagen Golf TDI
  • Best Crossovers:Honda CR-V、Nissan Murano
  • Best Wagon:Subaru Outback
  • Best Sedans:Hyundai Sonata、Honda Accord
  • Best Minivan:Toyota Sienna
  • Best SUV:Chevrolet Traverse


また、「Tips for Buying a Car」には、”Cars that avoid crashes”と”Car-buying Checklist”があり、”Cars that avoid crashes”では、IIHSのレーティング(星の数やトップセーフティピック+など)を参照することを勧め、今回の「Best Family Cars of 2015」では、トップセーフティピック以上の車となっています。

そして、”Car-buying Checklist” として以下を挙げています(機械翻訳すると余計にわからなくなるので原文で)。

  • Bring along your current car and/or booster seats. See how simple they are to install with the model’s LATCH system and seat belts.
  • Pop the trunk to gauge how much gear will fit inside. Is there a pass-through to stow longer items?
  • Connect your cell and do a run-through of the phone, audio, and (if available) navigation functions. Some infotainment systems are a breeze, others a pain. Fold and raise seats to ensure they provide no-fuss operation. Sit in each one to gauge comfort.
  • Locate the spare tire, noting whether it’s full-size or a smaller “doughnut.” Try to avoid models equipped with run-flat tires unless they offer an optional spare.
  • Examine the various storage cubbies, consoles, and cup holders, and picture how they’ll fit your family’s needs.

Best Family Cars of 2015
2015 Mazda3 Named to ‘Best Family Cars of 2015’ List, as Chosen by Parents Magazine and