Mazda3、Car and Driverによるベストインテリアに選ばれる


Mazda3が、Car and Driverによる「3万ドルで買える車」の中でベストインテリアに選ばれました。

優れたインテイリアデザインを選出する、2014 Ward’s 10 Best InteriorsにMazda3が選ばれる


Mazda’s interior décor is well-wrought, clean yet interesting, and has just enough detailing to feel upscale but not overdone, much like the 3 as a whole. It’d still be a good car if it had a simpler—and cheaper—cabin, but the fact that it doesn’t is, in part, what makes the 3 such a winner.

The Best Car Interior Available for Under $30,000 – Feature – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog