Infiniti、QX30 Crossover Conceptの新たな画像を公開。クーペスタイルSUVでいいのかな?


Infintiがジュネーブモーターショーを前にQX30 Crossover Conceptの新しいティザー画像を公開しています。

“We wanted the spontaneous fluidity of the QX30 Concept design to cut through the urban clutter and rigidity, reflecting its go-anywhere and spur-of-the-moment nature,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director.

“The QX30 Concept has been designed to make occupants feel safe and protected inside, and customers can drive in or out of the city without worrying about nicks to the chromework,” he added.


QX30は、Q30に対して車高が30mmほど高いそうです。一応、Q30 Conceptの画像も。

Infiniti Shows Us More of its QX30 Concept